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Abarid Hookah


The Russian brand ABARID is known in Russia for the quality of their hookahs. Made from AISI 304 stainless steel and polyacetal, the ABARID shisha pipe is very durable due to the quality of the materials used.
Approximately 50 cm high, the ABARID shisha pipe is very stable and elegant.
The plunger has an unscrewing adjustable threaded diffuser so you can switch from a smooth, quiet draw to a more powerful draw with eddies if you prefer.
The shisha pipe attaches to the vase with a seal, so you can change the vase easily if you want to customise your shisha pipe.
The stainless steel stem features a stylish polyacetal body.
The hose connector is magnetised for a secure fastening and a perfectly watertight seal.

The ABARID shisha pipe comes with a steel mouthpiece and a silicone hose. Bowl not included.

Abarid - Цени на едро и дребно. Наргиле България предлага наргилета, чашки, въглени и аксесоари за наргилета.Abarid Hookah